Web Design Fetish always encourages clients to submit a testimonial of our services!

Submitting A Testimonial

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Submission Guidelines

The Web Design Fetish Staff welcome all clients submissions. We encourage feedback from all our clients. Please adhere to the following guidelines with your submission:

  • Please check your grammar. Poor grammar will result in your submission being rejected. Use a free service such as Hemmingway to get your grammar correct.
  • Make sure that you use the proper punctuation. Submissions with many errors in punctuation will be rejected.
  • Please check your spelling. Poor spelling will also get your submission rejected. You can check your spelling at online-spellcheck.
  • DO NOT submit a testimonial with ANY text speak in it! Submissions with any text speak in it will not be accepted.
  • All submissions MUST be in English ONLY!
  • Submit a well thought out testimonial. Please do not limit your comments to generalizations.
  • Proofread your submission. If it does not make sense to you, it will not make sense to anyone else.
  • We reserve the right to change these guidelines at any time.
  • Web Design Fetish reserves the right to make corrections and changes to any and all submission regarding spelling, grammar and proper punctuation.

Please allow for 3-5 days for a staff member to get back to you after your testimonial submission. Submissions will appear on our web page with you name, website name & URL. If you prefer to leave out any info, please let us know. We will have to have at least one of those items in order to accept your submission. Your email will not be posted with your submission.

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