Web Design Fetish Adult Web Design maintains our level of excellence using proper code validation, however, there are some PHP software packages that do not validate properly “out of the box”.

We have comprised a list of those software packages and a separate list of other software such as add-ons, plugins, & modules that also do not validate properly.

Improperly Validated PHP Script Software

  • vBulletin 4 – vBulletin 4 renders 3 errors when we run the default skin through W3C Markup Validation Service. Internet Brands have stated that they will not be fixing these coding errors in vBulletin 4 so these errors will always be present in any vBulletin 4 skin.

Improperly Validated Add-Ons, Plugins & Modules

We recommend that you avoid add-ons, plugins & modules as much as you possibly can on your adult website as some may be riddled with invalid code and disable your website all together. Be picky about what you put on your site and install as few modules as possible to improve the function of your adult website.

Other Validation Factors You Should Know About

There are other forms of software that factor into whether your adult website will validate properly or not. These can be a CSS/Java menu, social networking widgets, JavaScript, Flash and any other code that you get from another website, developer or even the designers that work on your adult website. Any time that you gather code from someone else you run a risk of rendering your adult website invalid. Always make sure that the code you get is valid and that the professionals you deal with care about and maintain valid coding practices.

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