The Web Design Fetish Pricing page reflects the minimum amounts that we charge for various services.

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Pricing Guide For Web Design Fetish

Web Design Fetish offers competitive adult web design pricing. We provide a hands on approach to each client and we prepare personalized design quotes. Please keep in mind that this pricing guide reflects the bare minimum charge and the end quote can be more depending upon what you need on your adult website. Outlined below is our pricing structure & information.

A Brief Breakdown

Any extras that you add will increase the amount of the final quote. Each quote is specific to your project and will be itemized with the elements you asked for. If you do not see something listed on your quote then please be sure to let us know. Your quote will be revised and we will send you a new PDF copy via email.

Please feel free to submit a Free Quote if you already know what services you need. In most cases we will get back to you within 24-48 hours unless its a weekend or a recognized United States holiday.

Custom Adult Skins, Styles, Templates & Themes

Custom adult skins start at $650.00 and go up from there. Skin pricing will depend upon the amount of work detail requested.

A Custom Adult Skin/Style Includes:

  • 100% valid XHTML & CSS code in all templates. There may be some exceptions to this, please take that into account.
  • Full browser compatibility for all major browsers including Firefox, IE, Opera, Chrome & Safari.
  • The base price includes coding in the header, footer & navigational areas as well as the CSS. If the skin is for an E-Commerce shop then coding in the Cart page is included as well. Other specialized coding will be extra and itemized in your design quote.
  • 100% Table less design. There may be some exceptions to this. Some of the software will already use tables extensively so therefore tables cannot be taken out. We will notify you if the design cannot be 100% table less for what ever reason.
  • 100% complete unique design to your website only. Your design is not resold or reproduced elsewhere.
  • Fully layered PSD’S for the header & buttons that are created for the skin. If we are commissioned for other graphics for the site then you will receive layered PSD’S of each item.
  • 100% Free support for design related issues if we find there is a bug in our code. We are not responsible for any modules, plugins or add-ons that are installed on your site from other developers.
  • A maximum of 3 edits to the main design & structure will be allowed.
  • All the files needed to install and make the skin live on your web server. You must have the main software already installed before the skin can be installed.
  • All the custom graphics created for the skin.
  • Free install of the skin to your website.

What Software Scripts Are Covered?

We specialize in vBulletin, but also offer services for WordPress, XenForo, phpBB, PrestaShop and many others. For a full list of software we currently have experience in please check our Software Experience page. If you need a skin in some other software not listed feel free to ask us, there is a good bet that we can perform the task with little to no problem.

Adult Software Installations & Upgrades

Software installations & upgrades start at $35.00 each and go up from there. Obviously the more involved the install is the more it will cost. When creating a quote for you we will itemize the installations and/or upgrades.

We currently perform installations & upgrades for all major PHP software. If you need some other software installed then please ask us. Send the name of the software, a link to it and we will let you know if its something that we can install for you. You can take a look at our software list for scripts we already have experience with.

Installations services include installing the main software that powers your web site like vBulletin or WordPress. Services also include module, add-on, extension, component, plugin, skin, JavaScript, Menu, Flash Viewer, & widget installations.

Custom Adult Web Design

We also provide services for custom adult web design. All custom adult web sites that we build are coded with HTML, CSS & PHP. Custom adult web designs have 100% valid XHTML/CSS code, a table less design & are compatible with all browsers.

Custom Adult Web Design Packages & What They Include

  • Landing Page Price: The base price for a custom HTML landing page range from $290.00 and up.
  • Base Web Site Page(s): Prices range from $725.00 and up. INCLUDED IN PRICE:
    • (1) 100% valid HTML/PHP Index page, (1) Header PHP Page, (1) Menu PHP Page, (1) CSS Page, (1) Footer PHP Page, (1) Sidebar PHP Page, (1) Index Page In PHP (Your main page), (1) layered PSD, (1) customized menu, (3) search engine submissions (Google, Bing & Yahoo), (3) revisions allowed, 100% table less design, 100% complete unique design to your web site only not to be resold anywhere else, (1) custom logo/header, SEO optimization within the HTML code, upload/install to your web server, & 100% compatible with all browsers.
  • Each Extra HTML Page After The Base: The cost to add extra HTML pages after the Base Price is $87.50 per page. We are sorry but you cannot add on extra pages to a Landing Page.

Custom Adult Graphics, Banners & Buttons

We also offer custom graphics, adult web site layouts (layered PSD), buttons, icons, headers, logos, business cards, flyers, banners (static & animated), splash pages, widget blocks and all other graphics services. Custom graphics start at $35.00 and go up from there.

Graphic Packages Offered

  • Banners: Prices range from $35.00 and up – BANNER SPECS: Banner sizes offered: 468X60, 728X90, 88X31, 250X250, 125X125, 160X600, 336X280, 300X250, 120X600, 120X240, 234X60, 180X150, 120X90, & 120X60. Banners can be static or animated.
  • PSD Layout: Prices range from $365.00 and up.
  • Button Sets: Prices range from $35.00 and up.
  • Icon Sets: Prices range from $35.00 and up.
  • Headers: Prices range from $180.00 and up.
  • Logos: Prices range from $75.00 and up. Logos can be animated, but it is not advised.
  • Business Cards: Prices range from $100.00 and up. All cards are created in 300 DPI for printing purposes.
  • Flyers: Prices range from $125.00 and up – FLYER SPECS: Flyer sizes offered are 8.5″X11″, 8″X10″, 5″X7″ & 3″X5″. All flyers are created in 300 DPI.
  • Other Graphic Projects: Other graphic projects prices will reflect the size of the project.

Adult Web Site Maintenance

We also perform regular website maintenance for adult web sites. Maintenance can include anything from changing some settings so you can get optimal performance to removing a virus from your web server. It is really a broad spectrum and pretty much anything that does not fit into the above areas will fall into the maintenance category. Charges for maintenance are based on an hourly rate of $35.00. There is a one hour minimum on all maintenance projects.

Adult Web Site Consultations, Copywriting & Research

We also offer services for consultations, copywriting & research. Typically we charge an hourly fee for these services except for copywriting. Charges are as follows:

  • Consultations: $35.00 an hour. For consultations the first 2 hours are paid up front before we start. The consultation would be via Skype.
  • Copywriting: $87.50 a page. We will edit, spell check, reword (if needed) and correct any grammar mistakes in your content making your site flow better & read better for your average reader. All copywriting fees are paid up front unless they exceed $500.00. In that case information outlined in our Terms Of Service will apply.
  • Research: $35.00 an hour. Research includes researching for your brand, niche, web site or troubleshooting a site issue. Any time that we spend troubleshooting problems on your website or server there will be a research fee. If you employ us to research something then you must pay for the first 2 hours up front before we will research for your site.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions about our fees or how quotes are prepared then please ask.

Web Design Fetish reserves the right to change prices at any time without warning. Prices updated on February 10, 2017.